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About Us

We HCS Global are a California, USA, and Zambian registered company and we specialize in international trade. We assist in straightforward cross-border transactions to make your trade reliable and easy. With a strong base and a powerful position, we connect companies throughout the continents and responsibly handle the complex problems of international trade. Providing customers with dependable solutions to satisfy the wide range of demands of the global market is our primary area of expertise and prioritize customer satisfaction.

We, HCS Global are committed to giving companies a stable platform to succeed in the challenging world of cross-border trade. The company's foundation is integrity. With a dedication to quality, we support businesses in their expansion and prosperity while building long-lasting connections in the large world of global trade.


Our Services

Quality Assurance

We commit to providing excellence through assurance of the highest standard. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we continuously impose strict guidelines to guarantee excellent performance in all that we do.

Smooth Export System

We provide the best export option. We promise to deliver superior services, guaranteeing smooth and effective export procedures. Put your trust in us for successful international trade.

Service support

Our top goal is to have satisfied customers. We take pleasure in providing the greatest customer service, making sure your needs are satisfied in a timely and efficient manner.

100% customer satisfaction

We know it's necessary to satisfy customers. That's why we always deliver outstanding service that goes above and beyond your expectations. Our success is determined by your satisfaction.

Safe delivery assurance

We guarantee timely and safe delivery for all of your requirements. You can depend on us with supply transport. We provide fast, reliable, and secure transportation, giving you peace of mind.

Global Network

At HCS Global, our wide network is what makes us strong. With a broad reach, we collaborate easily to provide all-inclusive solutions, offering performance and reliability in every task.